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How to Disable Presentation cache in OBIEE11g

11.16.2011, OBIEE MISC, by .

To turn off the Presentation Services Catalog Attribute Cache in OBIEE 11g. We need to set the following tags in the instanceconfig.xml file:

<ps:Cache xmlns:ps=ā€¯>


4 Responses to How to Disable Presentation cache in OBIEE11g

  1. This post discusses Purge BI *Server* Cache in OBIEE11g.
    Is there a way to purge presentation cache?

    • Presentation cache stores the finished report output in the presentation server. This is different from BI server cache. BI server could be leveraged by multiple users and reports depending on whether they are accessing similar or subset of the cached data, though from a different reports.

      Presentation cache is report specific and user specific cache entries residing in the D:\OracleBIData\tmp\ folder.

      The expiry of this entry can be governed by following instance-config.xml file in <>\web\config directory:

      CacheMinExpireMinutes Default 10

      CacheMaxExpireMinutes Default 15

    • Sorry.
      My question is how can I do it with command line and not in config file?
      I want to enable cache usually, but in case that something specific is modified, I want to be able to execute some CLI to clean the current cache.


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