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Ibots Interview Questions

10.13.2012, OBIEE FAQ, by .



We have a requirement to trigger a mail to all the above employees with the employee specific data. 

We can not use Organization based data level security as everyone belongs to the same org. We cannot use position based data level security as everyone has the same position.

How would you do that?


Create the above report and save it.

Create an iBot with the following features.

Data visibility : Not personalized. Run as Administrator

Conditional Request: Browse and Select the above report

Schedule: Your choice

Recipients: Select Determine recipients from the conditional request. Select Column containing Recipients as Emp Login. You can select it from the dropdown list.

And select Show Relevant rows only. For this option to work, the delivery content must be set to the conditional request’s result. i.e. Same report as conditional request report. 

Save the ibot. That’s it..

If you have your SA System Subject Area implemented, then it will take the delivery profile of each employee from SA System and deliver the report accordingly.

So Akash Jain would receive only the following content in the mail.

Similary the other two employee would receive their own data.

This is actually called report bursting. So the interviewer would expect you to use this term.

This can also be done with BIP Report bursting feature.


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  1. Nice one about ibots complicated issue in simple words. Thanks for sharing.


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