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OBIEE Real time Interview Questions and Answers -5

09.26.2011, OBIEE FAQ, by .

How the users Created Differs From RPD/Answers/Dashboards Level?
Answer: RPD users can do administrator tasks like adding new data source, create hirarchies, change column names where as Answers users may create new charts, edit those charts and Dashboard users may only view and analyse the dashboard or can edit dashboard by adding/removing charts objects.

Online/Offline Mode how it Impact in Dev and Delpoyment????

Online Mode- You can make changes in the RPD file and push in changes which will be immediately visible to the users who are already connected. This feature we may use in production environment.
Offline mode- can be useful in test or development environment.

What is Guided Navigation?

Answer:-Guided navigation is a feature of Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards that enables the content and layout of Oracle BI Interactive Dashboard to change dynamically based on changes in the information being analyzed.

Specifically, sections in a dashboard page can be set up and only appear when there is “interesting” information in the data.


5 Responses to OBIEE Real time Interview Questions and Answers -5

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  2. 2011-11-17 at 19:31 praveen

    how is the requirment for obiee in india

    • there are lot of jobs to be filled. TCS got a project where they need 200 developers all over it branches in India.

  3. 2012-01-06 at 08:40 kiran reddy

    The anatomy and heritage of OBIEE
    Suddenly interested about knowing the History and all the past versions of OBIEE including all its predecessors and major acquisitions :
    “These products have a long heritage with Oracle BIEE being based on Siebel Business Analytics which was originally created by nQuire in 1997 . The following major releases of the software have occurred” :
    Siebel Analytics 7.0 – 2002
    Siebel Analytics 7.5 – 2003
    Siebel Analytics 7.7 – 2004
    Siebel Analytics 7.8.2 and 7.8.3 – 2005
    Siebel Analytics / Oracle Business Intelligence 7.8.4 and 7.8.5 – 2006
    OBIEE 10gR3, – Jan 2007 (MAUI)
    OBIEE 10gR3, – Apr 2007
    OBIEE 10gR3, – Aug 2007
    OBIEE 10gR3, – Oct 2007 (Enhanced Localization)
    OBIEE 10gR3, – Dec 2007 (Essbase Integration)
    OBIEE 10gR3, – May 2007
    OBIEE 10gR3, – Aug 2008 (Disco Migration ,Workspace Integration, SmartSpaceIntegration )
    OBIEE 10gR3, – Apr 2009
    As of today :
    The latest shipping versions are:
    Future expected version : OBIEE 11g (Negril) – A Major and Mega blockbuster release .
    Thanks Darryn for the above inputs .


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